Each student set comes with 3 books that will take them through a 12 lesson Biblical journey. Each lesson contains creative illustrations, practical principles of the faith, and activities your students will love.

Below are several different products being offered to get you started on The Greatest Journey.


$59.95 | Complete Box Kit
5 student sets, 1 Leader Guide, 25 Steps To Peace
For use in Sunday School, small groups, kids church, V.B.S., backyard clubs –and more.


$9.95 | Student Set
1 Student Set (3 books / 12 lessons)
For home use, homeschool, self-guided study, or use for additional students in your classroom.


$45.95 | 5-Pack Student Set
5 Student Sets (no Teacher’s Guide)


$19.95 | Teacher’s Guide
1 Teacher’s Guide (for use with all 12 lessons)
Helpful resources and lesson guides for use in large groups, small groups, evangelistic outreaches, V.B.S., backyard clubs, and more! Full of activities and challenges that come alive in your classroom!


$3.99 | Steps to Peace
25 Pack Steps to Peace

Great evangelistic tool for children! Designed for kids to share with kids.


$0.00 | Sample Lesson
Download a free sample lesson

Download Sample Teachers/Student Guides